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Like many of you, I am rough on my waders.  Bush whacking, mis-treatment and high usage tend to lead to leaks in many common areas.  I always do what I can to patch and repair them so they last as long as possible.  When buying a less expensive brand, they generally last one year before developing a hole or a leak.  I then continue to use the waders for the next year while continuously patching these holes as they pop up.  Over the years I have stashed away a couple pairs of used waders that I could not stand to wear any more.  I recently sent these spent waders off to an company in Seattle, WA, known as Recycled Waders.  These guys have been around since 2007.  For a small fee for the labor and a few extra parts I was able to turn my old unusable waders into some new products that will be accompanying me on the river for years to come.

Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (3)Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (4)Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (5)

The first product I knew I wanted was what they call the Big Fanny.  This is a fanny pack with ample room for anything you could possibly need to carry.  I usually carry two plano boxes full of jigs and floats, extra leader material, extra bait hooks, a roll of pre-tied leaders, extra yarnies, spinners, line floatant and a few other random items that all fit inside this one main pouch.  There is also a secondary pouch on the front of the fanny that I like to put a few various scents in.  This way it keeps them separated from anything else I may want to use (just in case one of them came open). This way not everything ends up smelling like shrimp.  I am also able to put a leatherman tool and another large leader wallet on the belt of this fanny.  Everything and more that I could possible want fits in or on this one Big Fanny.  All of the buckles and zippers used in the construction of this fanny have lasted so far and appear to be quality materials.

Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (6)Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (9)Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (2)Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (1)Recycled Waders - Big Fanny (10)

On top of the functionality of it, its made out of breathable wader material so it is water resistant and since it was made out of my old waders it still has some unique stains on the material that gives it some character.  Stains that I put there during the time I was actively wearing the waders.  The waders are washed and sanitized before the transformation begins, but stains are stains and I can only blame my self for those.  Plus I think the stains give it my own personal ’signature’ if you will.

I have always used some sort of pack when bank fishing over the years and more and more I have gone to fanny packs of recent years.  This product gets big thumbs up from Dinger Jigs.

If you want to get some product from Recycled Waders you can visit their website.  I believe they have product for sale even if you do not have waders to provide.

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