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We have here another awesome product from Recycled Waders called the Messenger Creel.  For those that read the earlier post regarding the Big Fanny from Recycled Waders then you are already familiar with this great company.  If you have not yet read the earlier post, I suggest you scroll down and do so.

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The Messenger Creel is designed for carrying things like a laptop computer, files, and documents.  It works great for such things.  I am always traveling to new rivers to do some fishing so this bag helps greatly with being able to take Dinger Jigs on the road to do some business.  However, even more useful for myself this bag lends to carrying multiple plano boxes full of salmon gear.  When it comes to salmon season, I am always fishing in a different boat each week.  Whether it be my own or one of my many friends’ boats, I generally always bring at least some of my own gear with me even though we all know what happens when you invite 2 or 3 buddies to come a long. Every single person has to bring 2 or 3 different tackle boxes, a lunch pail, a coat, rain gear and a couple rods.  The bottom of a boat can look like my 4 year old’s bedroom in a hurry.  Being able to stack multiple plano style boxes together in the one compartment allows me to keep everything organized and in one place.  Using the shoulder strap that comes with this bag you are able to throw the bag over your shoulder or all the way over your neck and carry this bag while keeping your hands open to carry your limit of fish home.

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Aside from the large main compartment, this bag also has a pocket with a zipper on the front flap that will allow you to access smaller items, like your keys, quickly and easily without taking the bag from you shoulder.  The two buckles that keep the front flap down are of good quality and make opening them very easy.  As you can see in the photo this product is again made out of a pair of my recycled fishing waders so not only is it water resistant which is great for documents and/or electronics but it has some real character because you can see all of the stains that I put on my waders while I was wearing them.  The material is washed and sanitized before the transformation begins, but stains are stains and I can’t blame anyone since I put them there.

This product has thumbs up from Dinger Jigs.

If you have some unusable waders you’d like to turn into some usable gear visit their website .  They usually have some items for sale even if you don’t have any waders to turn in.

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