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KK. Aero-Floats

From: $3.99

Aero-Floats have become the industry standard for all your float fishing needs for salmon or steelhead floats.  The many different variations of Aero-Floats were either improvements on tried and true models or designed by anglers themselves to fit a needs where there was nothing available.

The AF1 design is the mainstay of any serious jig fisherman on the water today.  Available in 1/8oz or 1/4oz, this design has been proven effective for many years.  This float is what I personally use for 90% of my steelhead fishing.

The AF3 is another tried and true design with some serious improvements like adding metal gromets to the top and bottom of the float for extra durability.  Available in many sizes, there is a size for all of your float fishing needs; 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, & 1oz

Product Description

Made by Aero-Float, these are the best steelhead floats on market.  Whether you want a sliding float or a fixed float, these fishing floats will satisfy all of your fishing needs.  Offered in several sizes you will find anything you may need.
AF1-4 AF3-2

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AF5 – 1/2oz, AF1 – 1/8oz, AF1 – 1/4oz, AF3 – 1/4oz, AF3 – 3/8oz, AF3 – 1/2oz, AF3 – 3/4oz, AF3 – 1oz, AF3 – 2oz