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Cleardrift Soft Bead blood red Solid string
Cleardrift Soft bead Red clearCleardrift Soft Bead Shrimp Pink Solid stringCleardrift Soft Bead blood red Solid string

O. Cleardrift Soft Beads

From: $3.00 $2.00

Soft beads are quickly becoming the go to option in bead fishing.  These soft beads come in both clear and solid colored baits allowing you to better “match the hatch” and get dialed in to what the salmon, steelhead or trout are wanting to eat.  These unscented beads will allow you to fish soft plastics in any water where they are allowed.  Available in 10mm & 12mm in orange, pink & red shades you will be able to find what you need to catch more fish.

10mm Solid Colors have 40 per pack

10mm Clear Colors have 20 per pack

12mm Solid Colors have 36 per pack

12mm Clear Colors have 18 per pack

Product Description

Cleardrift Soft Beads

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Cleardrift Soft Bead Colors

Cleardrift Soft Bead – Blood Red – 11mm, Cleardrift Soft Bead – Blood Red – 9.5mm, Cleardrift Soft Bead – Shrimp Pink – 9.5mm, Cleardrift Soft Beads – Clear Red – 9.5mm