Side Drifting Yarnies


NWTS yarnies are great for side drifting, bobber dogging or drift fishing for steelhead and salmon.  These side drifting yarnies come in 10 popular steelhead color combinations that are tried and true.  In each package is 6 yarnies that are pre-threaded onto a loop of line that will allow you to transfer them onto a pre-tied leader at any time on the water.




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Side drifting yarnies can be pre-rigged in many ways.  One of the most efficient ways to rig them is to wait and see what color is working on that particular day.  These yarnies by Northwest Tackle Solutions are pre-threaded in a manner that will allow you to simply slide the color of yarnie that you choose onto your leader like you would a corkie or a bead.  If one angler is getting bit on one color, then you can simply grab the same color and slide the same color of yarnie on your leader.  What does this save?  Instead of having to tie up hundreds of leaders with every color of yarnie possible.  Simply have a spool of bare leaders ready, slide the color of yarnie on your line and you just saved yourself hours of tying the night before.  Throw the package in a shirt pocket and you have them ready to go.  Since these are threaded on above the hook, your bait loop is still available for adding your favorite piece of bait.

Made with Glo-bug yarn, these yarnies are dense and very tight perfect circles.  Choose your favorite colors and start fishing.


NWTS Side Drifting Yarnies 18 Cerise white chartreuse 300x224 - Side Drifting Yarnies
Cerise w/ a dot of color of white & chartreuse


NWTS Side Drifting Yarnies 19 Steelhead Orange Flame chartreuse 300x225 - Side Drifting Yarnies
Steelhead Orange, Flame & Chartreuse




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