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E. Twitching Jigs


Our line up of Twitching Jigs are designed to catch fish.  They may not be the ‘flashiest’ which target the fisherman instead of the fish but they are tied to with stand the beating of rocks, snags and fish that they regularly encounter.  These jigs will stand up to whatever abuse you can give them.  There are many custom colors available by special request also.  Get some!

Product Description

Tied with the traditional zonker rabbit strip as a tail, cross cut rabbit strips for a body with a schlappen overlay and plenty of krystal flash & rubber “crazy” legs, these jigs have been field tested by some of the best guides in the northwest and are proven to be deadly to salmon.  Custom colors are endless and available upon request.

Silver salmon fell victim to the "Barbie" Twitching Jig on Alaska's Nushagak River.
Silver salmon fell victim to the “Barbie” Twitching Jig on Alaska’s Nushagak River.
Even on his 'days off', professional fishing guide David Johnson uses Dinger Jigs.  This coho hit an all black twitching jig.
Even on his ‘days off’, professional fishing guide David Johnson uses Dinger Jigs. This coho hit an all black twitching jig.
This Fall Chinook jumped all over the bright "Hot Pink" twitching jig in off colored waters.
This Fall Chinook jumped all over the bright “Hot Pink” twitching jig in off colored waters.

Additional Information

Size - Hook

1/2oz – 2/0 Owner Hook, 1/4oz – 2/0 Owner Hook, 3/8oz – 2/0 Owner Hook

Twitching Jig Colors



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