UV Sparklers


The UV Sparklers Steelhead jigs are quite the little firecrackers.  Proving themselves in both summer and winter conditions, these steelhead jigs will attract the attention of any steelhead in the vicinity.  By providing the extra burst of color and sparkle you will be the main attraction while consistently catching fish.



The UV Sparklers Steelhead jigs are tied using UV Polar Chenille to provide the maximum amount of sparkle in the smallest amount of light.  Paired with a Schlappen or Hackle overlay these jigs will get the attention of any steelhead in the river.  Tied on a lead head jig with either a matching or contrasting color.  They also provide a more robust profile than a standard marabou jig.  Select jig size, overall color scheme & quantity.


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Dinger Jigs UV Sparklers Lined up 168x300 - UV Sparklers
UV Sparklers steelhead jigs lined up and ready for battle.

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IMG 20171216 092158 990 300x300 - UV Sparklers
Winter steelhead can’t resist a UV Sparkler steelhead jig, especially a “Shrimp over Pink” one.

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Siletz 1 7 18 4 300x201 - UV Sparklers
This wild steelhead had been through a lot but could not resist the urge to take our “Shrimp over Pink” UV Sparkler.



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UV Sparklers Steelhead Jig

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