Dry forecast = Jig Fishing!

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Some of my best jig fishing took place in the winter of 2009.  That was a particularly dry winter that kept our streams low and clear.  We are in the middle of a similar stretch of weather that will allow for some very similar conditions.  There is no chance of rain in the 7-day forecast and very small chances in the 10-day forecast.  7-day forecast 1-14-13When the water drops and clears like it is doing now, fish will slowly congregate in the few areas that they have cover.  Many places that hold fish when the water is up are simply void of fish while its low and clear because they could be seen by predators (fisherman).  Many other drifts that drop in water height also no longer have enough flow to drift much through this area (drift fish or sidedrift).  Enter your jig and float.  Not only does this eliminate a lot of water that you do not need to cover but it also allows these fish to see a jig from a good distance.  You will not need to hit them in the nose.  You can actually float the jig 2 or more feet above them and they’ll still take it.  Also when many people stay home because the water is “too low” you can have very popular areas nearly to your self.  If you can present a jig to a fish without alerting it of your presence there is no need to downsize your offering.  My favorite jig in the low clear water conditions is a 1/8oz shrimp colored jig (any style) as long as you are not spooking the fish before they ever see your offering.Molalla 1-13-13 (2)

Get out there, dress warm, practice your stealth and throw some jigs to fish in low and clear water.  You won’t be sorry.

Molalla 1-13-13 (5)

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