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Brass Bead Heads - Dinger Jigs
Brass Bead Heads - Metallic PurpleBrass Bead Heads - Metallic PinkBrass Bead Heads - BlackBrass Bead Heads - Hot PinkBrass Bead Heads - WhiteBrass Bead Head Kits - WhiteBrass Bead Head Kits - Metallic PurpleBrass Bead Head Kits - NickelBrass Bead Head Kits - Metallic PinkBrass Bead Head Kits - Hot PinkBrass Bead Head Kits - Black

GG. Brass Bead Head Kits

From: $5.00

These unique colored bass bead heads are an improvement on the old “bead & pin” jigs.  Available in several fish catching colors these brass bead heads will give you some confidence when dreaming up your own creations.  Available in 2 sizes and 6 colors these heads are more Eco-friendly than the standard lead head jig.   Get these before your friends do and show off your coolest creation.  You can’t go wrong!

Brass Bead Head Kits are sold with 60 degree 3x Strong Matzuo Sickle size #1 hooks.


Product Description

Size comparison - 11/32" brass bead & 1/8oz jig head vs 3/8" brass bead & 1/4oz jig head
Size comparison – 11/32″ brass bead & 1/8oz jig head vs 3/8″ brass bead & 1/4oz jig head
Brass Bead Head Kits - Metallic Pink
Brass Bead Head Kits – Metallic Pink
Brass Bead Heads - Dinger Jigs
Various colors of Dinger Jigs’ Brass Bead Heads


Additional Information

Brass Bead Head Colors

11/32″ Black, 3/8″ Black, 11/32″ Hot Pink, 3/8″ Hot Pink, 11/32″ Metallic Blue, 3/8″ Metallic Blue, 11/32″ Metallic Chartreuse, 3/8″ Metallic Chartreuse, 11/32″ Metallic Green, 3/8″ Metallic Green, 11/32″ Metallic Orange, 3/8″ Metallic Orange, 11/32″ Metallic Pink, 3/8″ Metallic Pink, 11/32″ Metallic Purple, 3/8″ Metallic Purple, 11/32″ Metallic Red, 3/8″ Metallic Red, 11/32″ White, 3/8″ White

Brass Bead Kits

5 pack, 5 pack w/ hooks