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Dinger Jigs - Krystal Flash - Lineup
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Y. Krystal Flash & Helix Flash

From: $5.00

Krystal Flash is a great tying material used in a lot of different patterns world wide.  It is made in numerous colors.  Colors come and go on this website as we try out new ones.

Helix Flash is brand new and gives that double Helix crinkle look.  It gives a different textured look and is great new alternative to previous version.  All 6 colors are available here at Dinger Jigs.

Product Description

Dinger Jigs - Krystal Flash - Lineup

Helix Flash Lineup
Helix Flash Lineup



Additional Information

Krystal Flash / Helix Flash - Colors

Fl. Chartreuse – Krystal Flash, Fl Orange – Krystal Flash, Blue Sardine – Helix Flash, Pearl Blue – Krystal Flash, UV Blue – Krystal Flash, Fl. Chartreuse – Helix Flash, Hot Yellow – Krystal Flash, Gold – Krystal Flash, Root Beer – Krystal Flash, Fl. Fire Orange – Krystal Flash, Fl Orange – Helix Flash, UV Orange – Krystal Flash, Fl. Shrimp – Krystal Flash, Fl Pink – Helix Flash, Fl. Cerise – Krystal Flash, Pearl Red – Krystal Flash, Red – Helix Flash, UV Pearl White – Krystal Flash, UV Pink – Krystal Flash, UV Purple – Krystal Flash, Blood Red – Helix Flash


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