Welcome to Dinger Jigs!

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Welcome to Dinger Jigs!  My name is Samuel Wurdinger and I am a fishing addict.  Hopefully all the time and effort I have put into perfecting a few of my jig patterns can benefit everyone else.  Feel free to browse and purchase some jigs.  We are just getting going so make sure to check back often as more products and information will be up regularly.  Good fishing to you.

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  1. Bill Anderson

    Dinger jigs are hands down the best jigs I have ever fished with. I have dabbled with jig fishing over the years with not much success and a lot of discouragement. That was till I started fishing with Sam and Dinger jigs. He and his products have brought a new level of confidence to my game and rarely do we get skunked. If you haven’t had the chance to fish with Sam or his jigs I would highly recommend either.

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