Salmon Marabou Jigs


Salmon Marabou Jigs are tied using:

The stoutest jig hook on the market: Owner Saltwater Jig Hooks

Palmered Marabou feathers

Krystal Flash

Feathers can be blended or layered for different looks.

These large jigs are perfect for chasing any salmon species.  They work there best when presented by suspending them under a float.

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Salmon Marabou Jigs are tied on the stoutest jig hooks available in order to provide you the means of targeting the largest salmon you can without having to worry about weather or not the hooks will hold up when you hook that prized fish.  Made with palmered marabou to provide the best action on a jig anywhere these jigs will truly look alive under the water.  Everyone is personally hand tied to with stand the worse beating they can be given.  Get some!



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FB IMG 1537302440706 300x220 - Salmon Marabou Jigs
The “Amato” salmon marabou jig shines in the cold water of the fall chinook season.

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Two springers 168x300 - Salmon Marabou Jigs
A great day chasing spring chinook with salmon marabou Dinger Jigs.

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Dinger Jigs Marabou Salmon Jigs Custom Jigs 300x182 - Salmon Marabou Jigs
Custom Salmon Marabou Jigs tied at a customer’s request.

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FB IMG 1539958828266 300x168 - Salmon Marabou Jigs
This Fall Chinook could not resist playing with the “Dollhouse” Salmon Marabou Jig


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