Beaded Schlappen Lead - Pink & White
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C. Beaded Schlappen

From: $3.00

These beaded schlappen jigs are tied on a lead head jig to provide the extra color that one may desire.

Tied on a 1/0 Matzuo Sickle hook or a 1/0 Owner hook.  Select jig size, hook and overall color scheme.

Beaded schlappen jigs that are palmered on the hook shank provide more variations and effects than a standard marabou jig.  By blending or layering different colors, different sized feathers, number of beads or number of feathers the number of variations are too numerous to list.  Contact us for custom colors.

Product Description

Molalla 1-13-13 (1)

Additional Information


Black – Zonker Rabbit Strips, Fl Pink – Krystal Flash, Purple – Zonker Rabbit Strips, Red – Zonker Rabbit Strips, Bleeding Shrimp, Classic, Femme Fatale – Beaded, Warden, Pink & White – Zonker Rabbit Strips, Black head w/ red feathers, Fuchsia (Cerise), Nightmare, Pink over Shrimp, Santiam Sunrise, Shrimp over Pink, Sunburst, Fuchsia over Orange, Hot Pink over White, Pink & Purple, Pink & Shrimp, Pink & Fuchsia, Pink & Red, Shrimp & White

Size - Hook

1/32oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #4, 1/16oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #4, 1/16oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #2, 1/8oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #2, 1/8oz – #1 Owner, 1/8oz – 1/0 Owner, 1/4oz – 1/0 Owner, 1/4oz – #1 Owner


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