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Steelhead Jigs Bare Jig heads Dinger Jigs
Bare steelhead jig heads - UnpaintedBare steelhead jig heads - BlackBare steelhead jig heads - Pearl WhiteBare steelhead jig heads - RedBare steelhead jig heads - Flame RedBare steelhead jig heads - FuchsiaBare steelhead jig heads - SalmonBare steelhead jig heads - PurpleBare steelhead jig heads - Pearl PinkBare steelhead jig heads - ShrimpBare steelhead jig heads - OrangeBare steelhead jig heads - OrangeBare steelhead jig heads - ShrimpBare steelhead jig heads - Hot PinkBare steelhead jig heads - Baby PinkBare steelhead jig heads - ChartreuseBare steelhead jig heads - GreenBare steelhead jig heads - Pearl BlueIMG_20170212_164750183IMG_20170212_164900733IMG_20170212_164909024

G. Bare Jig Hooks

From: $3.00

Enjoy tying your own creation to chase salmon or steelhead?  Prehaps you already have a stash of pink worms but no jig hooks?  Prefer tying your own twitching jig? Now you can buy painted jig heads that are ready to fish.  Simply add your own imagination and its game on!  The painted versions are painted with CS Coatings Powder Paint then baked to provide unmatched durability in the paint.

Painted jig heads come packaged 4 per pack.

Unpainted jig heads come packaged 5 per pack.

Product Description

Steelhead Jigs Bare Jig heads Dinger JigsColors as shown in picture starting at the Black on the right and moving clockwise:

Black, purple, metallic purple, sapphire blue, metallic blue, blue, pearl blue, metallic green, metallic lime, bright green, metallic chartreuse, chartreuse, blaze orange, metallic orange, shrimp, baby pink, pearl pink, hot pink, fuchsia, metallic pink, salmon, flame, red, transparent gold, chrome, pearl white, white

Steelhead Jigs Bare Jig heads Dinger Jigs (2)

Additional Information

Jig Heads

Lead Head – Copperhead, Lead Head – Dragonfly, Lead Head – Ruby Red Slippers, Lead Head – Unpainted, Lead Head – Black, Lead Head – Blue, Lead Head – Baby Pink, Lead Head – Chartruese, Lead Head – Chrome, Lead Head – Flame, Lead Head – Fuchsia, Lead Head – Green, Lead Head – Hot Pink, Lead Head – Orange, Lead Head – White, Lead Head – Metallic Blue, Lead Head – Saphire Blue, Lead Head – Metallic Chartreuse, Lead Head – Metallic Green, Lead Head – Metallic Lime, Lead Head – Metallic Pink, Lead Head – Metallic Purple, Lead Head – Metallic Orange, Lead Head – Pearl Blue, Lead Head – Pearl Pink, Lead Head – Pearl White, Lead Head – Purple, Lead Head – Red, Lead Head – Salmon, Lead Head – Shrimp, Lead Head – Transparent Gold

Size - Hook

1/4oz – #1 Owner Hook, 1/8oz – #1 Owner Hook, 1/32oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #4, 1/16oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #4, 1/16oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #2, 1/8oz – Mustad Ultrapoint #2, 1/8oz – 1/0 Owner Hook, 1/4oz – 1/0 Owner hook, 1/8oz – 3/0 Owner Hook, 1/4oz – 3/0 Owner hook, 1/4oz – 3/0 Owner Saltwater hook, 3/8oz – 3/0 Owner, 3/8oz – 3/0 Owner Saltwater hook, 3/8oz – 5/0 Owner Saltwater hook, 1/2oz – 3/0 Owner, 1/2oz – 5/0 Owner Saltwater Hook


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